Monday, June 30, 2008


I hope you enjoyed the book, 20 Wishes. How many times have you had something you wanted to do, but thought the idea may be ridiculous? (belly dancing, owning red cowboy boots ... whatever your wish is, it's yours!) That's sort of the premise of the book we are going to discuss Tuesday, July 1st. Have you started your list? Bring it with you to the meeting! If you haven't started your list, maybe when you hear what others have, you will be able to begin yours. The idea isn't that they have to be goals or dreams you have ... they don't have to be anything long term or things that are only achievable by you ... just things that you've "wished" for. Because as you found after reading the book, your wishes can come true!

Hope to see you there! Tuesday, July 1st, 6:30 at Panera Bread on Precinct Line Road in Hurst. Come for dinner ... or come for the discussion! It's sure to be a good time.

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