Friday, August 8, 2008


I love this comment from my sister and wanted to share it with everyone ...

This is Kathleen, Tina's sister from Colorado Springs . I am always a bit behind the 8 ball, so I am just now finishing The Secret Between Us and felt very compelled to comment on it. I travel quite a bit so I am out of town and reading in hotel rooms in the evenings, poor me!! NOT! So my great sister sent the blog link to my work email so that I could comment on the book from hotels.

I thought the ending was a bit cheesy, and I totally identified with Deborah. I am sure that that is something I would have done-with the best of intentions- just like Deb. I also was struck by a simple comment that Michael, Deb's father made. It was so insignificant to the story, but struck a nerve with me. When he and Deb were talking about Jill and her pregnancy, and Deb and her "secret" he said, you girls are much harder now, you did not have all these problems when your Mother was alive. And Deb it is...yes we did, Mom just filtered everything for you.

Wow, there it was, my connection to the story. Sounds just like me, though I am trying to get better at it. It is just so easy to solve everything and "take care of it" and then report it to my husband later.

Thanks for "listening" Kathleen

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Kathleen said...

Are you ready to start the discussion for The Memory Keepers Daughter?