Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here is the email we received from Barbara Delinsky's office: (**Note that the time is 7:45 our time)

Barbara has marked her calendar to discuss WHILE MY SISTER SLEEPS with your reading group on April 7 from 8:45 to 9:15 pm ET. She’s lending you her private number for the occasion. Please call her at 781-444-XXXX at the designated time. (I didn't want to post the phone number.)
As a backup, will you please provide a phone number Barbara could use in case she needs to reach your group?
Here are some suggestions as you plan your meeting:
1) Since the discussion will take place by phone, choose a meeting location with a speakerphone so everyone can converse with Barbara easily.
2) Prepare a list of 8-10 questions you’d like to ask Barbara during this 30-minute Q&A session.
3) Before the visit, check out Barbara’s website for information and ideas. You’ll be particularly interested in the WHILE MY SISTER SLEEPS page (http://www.barbaradelinsky.com/delinsky-wmss-summary.htm ),
which contains a Reading Group Guide for the book, and the BIOGRAPHY section (http://www.barbaradelinsky.com/delinsky-bio.htm).
4) Be prepared for a good back and forth discussion with Barbara.
Also, please invite your group to look at Barbara's official Facebook page. They don't need Facebook accounts to look, though if they're members they might enjoy becoming official fans! Here's the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barbara-Delinsky/48944228249
Please do send along a phone number for the speakerphone at your earliest convenience.

I am going to check with Panera Bread to see if they have a speaker phone we can use. This is going to be so exciting. We will still get together at 6:30 to have our questions and discussion ready for her!

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