Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June Meeting - With Kathryn Stockett

Are we the greatest Book Club or what??? We have just celebrated our first anniversary together and we have met several very famous authors. How fun is that?

Last night we had the privilege of talking with New York Times Best Selling Author, Kathryn Stockett. "The Help" is her first novel. She spent 5 years writing it and was rejected by 45 publishers before it was finally accepted. It appears that a movie is in the works.

I think this is probably the first book that everyone has bought and attempted to read. Not everyone finished, but most did.

We had a great time last night. We are busting at the seams. We may have to choose another meeting place if we continue to grow at this rate.

The book for next month is "Home Repair" by Liz Rosenberg.


lrosenb said...

I saw with delight that you are reading Home Repair next. If you'd like to arrange a phonecall with me, I'm happy to offer that and have been having great fun talking to book clubs all over the country. Just let me know!

Your pal,

Liz Rosenberg (author of Home Repair)

Lolly said...


We would LOVE to talk with you. It is so much fun for us to hear about your "friends" in the book and how you came about developing them and writing the book.

I do not have any way to contact you, so if you get this, please email me at and hopefully we can arrange to talk.