Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Meeting

Our fearless leader is having trouble with her camera software. Although we have taken pictures for the past couple of months, they haven't made it to the blog. Hopefully they will be coming soon.

We had a great discussion about Still Alice this week. Very interesting and I think the big thought that hit everyone was, could I be next? As I was reading the paper yesterday, I saw an obituary for a fried that I knew 20 years ago from church, that I had lost touch with. It said she died of early Alzheimer's at 57. It made me rethink our discussions from this week and wonder how her life played out the past few years, and how her family had handled it.

We have chosen the books for the next two months.

For our May meeting, we will be reading "Ines of my Soul".

For June, we will be reading, "The Postmistress". Enjoy!

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