Friday, October 10, 2008


It was a smaller group for the October meeting than we've had in the past. I think that may have been due to the fact hat no one really was enjoying reading Songs Without Words. In fact, not ONE person had finished it yet! We actually assigned two of our members to finish it and report back to us at the November meeting on how the book ends.

So that brings us to the November meeting ... VERY IMPORTANT ... we are meeting on Monday, November 3rd (due to Tuesday being Election Day.) I will email you all a reminder on the previous Sunday to remind you to meet on Monday.

And .... since there was a little confusion about which book to read for October... We are reading for November "The Necklace" by Cheryl Jarvis. I have finished it (as have several others due to the confusion!) I think you all are REALLY going to enjoy this one! We will have a lot to talk about ... you might even see yourself in one of the characters in this book! It is a perfect book for a lively discussion.

So as your "leader" ... I officially apologize for the confusion last month! I will try and be better about posting (I said try)!

The weather is turning cool ... so let's all relax and curl up with a good book ("The Necklace") and get ready for a great discussion and a fun get-together for November!

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KirkKrew said...

Is the book upside down in the picture a statement? I'm just about finished with it. It is dull, but I've pressed on. I'm curious about what will happen at the end. Did anyone else finish it?