Sunday, May 18, 2008


Is it just me or does anyone else want to yell at Deborah Monroe to get a backbone? I was thinking ... why is she allowing herself to be "abused" by her daughter, her ex-husband, her father, and even her patients. She is such a pleaser ... or is she a control freak? Definitely something to think about.
Then I think of her role as a mother ... and I remember a time when my daughter might have told me she was going to burn the house down and I might have said, "Do you want me to get you some matches or a lighter?" ... and then I realize I need to be more understanding of what she is going through.
If you haven't started reading, you can still do it! This book is 343 pages ... if it's a chore for you to find time to read, you only have to read approximately 20 pages a day and you can still finish it before our next meeting
Let me know how it's going ... are you frustrated with any of the characters? Who do you relate to so far? We have a lot to talk about with this one.
Happy reading!

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SusanP said...

Well, I am just to the point where the man died...I am going to have to read more than 20 pages to catch up and finish. I have been working on an instructor guide for a seminar - deadline is the 20th, so almost there - then will start reading again. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day. Love, Susan