Friday, May 30, 2008


I can't wait to talk about this book. I've had several people already generating discussion. "Don't you think we would have reacted just like Deborah did," was one question someone asked me tonight? And "If she knew her daughter had been drinking," wouldn't that have changed what she did? But after all ... did that really have anything to do with the outcome???

We have a lot to talk about with this one!
The nominees: So far we have 2 books that have been nominated for our July Book.
The first one is: The Shack
It sounds like a good one, an inspirational read, so it may be a little like our first one. It is a short book for those of you that are feeling a little overwhelmed about having to read ... so it's a possibility.
The next nomination is: Twenty Wishes.
This looks like a good book also. I will probably read this one whether it it our selection or not. She is one of my favorite authors. It sort of sounds like a "Bucket List" type of book. Although I haven't seen that movie, it has a good story line and contains some thought-provoking issues.

We need more nominations ... but I thought I'd go ahead and throw those out there!
Can't wait to see everyone Tuesday!


Kim said...

I want to read "The Last Lecture"
by Randy Pausch, in fact I already have the book!! So I will read it
whether we choose it for book club or not. I'm looking forward to our
next meeting, and I'm bringing 2 good friends!


Carolynn said...

I'd like to read "The Last Lecture" also! He has an incredible story. I'm reading "Audition" by Barbara Walters and it is a wonderful book with so much history in it. I nominate both of these books for future readings!