Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Our first book club meeting was a huge success! I think it was a consensus among all present that the book was a great one... very moving and inspirational. We could have talked about it for hours.

Before we move on ... a huge thank you to Richard for taking the photo for us.

We have chosen our next book. It is .... (drum roll) ...


I have started reading it and it is a GOOD one! It is totally different from our first book ... it is fiction ... it's going to be a great discussion!

The next meeting is:

Tuesday, June 3
(same itinerary... that seemed to work out well for everyone!)

6:30 ... dinner (if you choose)
@ Panera Bread in Hurst
7:15 ... Decide on next month's book
7:30 ... Discussion of The Secret Between Us
8:30 ... Close


Lolly said...

Yeah, you got the post done with the picture. I started on the book last night. Can't wait til the next meeting. It sounds so sophisticated to say you are in a book club. It was nice to meet everyone.

KirkKrew said...

I'm going to try to come to the next one. I've already read the book and it's great!!

gigi said...

Hey kirkkrew, we'd love to have you join us and get a young mother's take on this one! Hope you can make it!